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Law Firm Branding Survey

We recently conducted a review of Australian Law Firms and found that 80% used Blue, White, Black or Grey in their primary colour palette. This is understandable as they evoke emotions of trust, confidence, loyalty, formality, authority, strength, honesty and purity.

Ironically though, if all your competitors look the same as you, this can be counter-productive to your branding. Customers will perceive you as common and will assume your services are all the same.

This presents a great opportunity to set your Law Firm apart from the rest by better aligning your colour palette. Refrain from the usual and discover colours that reflect your brand’s true identity to stand out.

At Font & Swatch we work closely with Legal & Professional Services firms to improve their visual identity without compromising their uniqueness.

Contact us if you would like to see further insights into our findings in the study of Law Firm Brands in Australia. We would be delighted to present them to you.

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