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Welcome to our boutique Sydney Branding Agency.

At Font & Swatch, we believe in the true power of brands. We’re passionate about it.

Branding is the foundation of all business success. It’s what defines you and acts as a beacon for your customers.

Our design studio works collaboratively to define, transform and revitalise clients brands to capture the attention of their audience and make them unforgettable.

Working with us is Exciting! We bring the energy and creativity.

We are more than just your design agency, we are your Branding Partner.

Working directly with one of the Principles, regardless of the project size, we will walk you step by step through our audience centric design process.

Why audience centric? Because by placing them at the centre of our process, we develop brands that establish an unmistakable connection with people.

The Creative Team

Elissa Hancock 
Design Strategist

Elissa has an unmistakable eye for colour, layout, design and commercial expression.

Firm, decisive and passionate, Elissa is the person who you want leading your creative, as you will never doubt she’s as dedicated to your brand as you are.

“Elissa just gets the branding process. At no point do you feel out of control, but at the same time, you know she and the team are truly aiming to get it right for you.”

– Christopher Melotti, Melotti Media

Grant Muldoon 
Creative Lead

Grant is the branding engineer of the team, bringing concepts and ideas to life. It’s the way that Grant takes multiple approaches to a concept that stands out the most and gives the Font & Swatch service the most distinct character.

“Grant has such a unique direction with branding. It was like, every time we made a suggestion but had no idea how it would actually look, Grant would produce something and we’d be thinking: yep, exactly what we meant.”

– Terry Wilson, TLA Worldwide

Kristin Hancock
Brand Account Director

Kristin is solid, professional and controlled. Kristin keeps the branding service on track, ensures deliverables and time frames are kept and outcomes are achieved – each and every time.

You can have complete peace of mind knowing Kristin is managing your branding journey.

“We’ve engaged Kristin and the Font & Swatch team to assist us with a number of marketing initiatives. They’re an amazing branding agency who understand the creative purpose and back it up with an obsessive devotion to our brand appearance.”

– Andre Lakomy, Partner at Cor Cordis

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Our Design Process


This is the start point of any project. We meet with your team, walk through your brief, agree goals and determine the optimal approach.



We deep dive into your business, customers, stakeholders, values, markets and corporate strategy. This involves detailed desktop research to identify visual inspiration and direction.


Visual Inspiration

This is when the fun begins.
We create a range of mood boards to determine your design focus. This is a two-way engagement process that guides you through a series of inspirational boards to build a solid direction for the design.

Visual Inspiration


Our brand design experts draw on the research, inspiration and responses from the previous steps to create the first concepts of your brand.



Font and Swatch are obsessive about the perfect application of brands and offer that obsession to every project that we work on. At this stage, we work tirelessly to ensure every single detail is connected to your brand identity and we are delivering your project objectives.



Once the design concept is refined and signed off, we hand over the artwork to our production team to roll out the brand across all of your media channels.


Evolution + Growth

Your brand never stands still, so why should your Branding Agency?
At Font and Swatch, our creative team remains with you as you evolve. Think of us as your brand agents, acting to ensure your brand is applied consistently and remains fresh.

Evolution + Growth

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