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We Create Powerful Brands

Font & Swatch are passionate about the application of Colours and Fonts.

Our passion defines, transforms and revitalises brands to capture attention and make an unforgettable impression.

Unlock the true power of your brand.

Are You Proud Of Your Brand?

Are you tired of competing on Price?

At Font & Swatch we will reinvigorate your brand to create an identity that is unique, engaging and trusted.

We create powerful and valuable brands.

Are You Getting The Results You Deserve?

Are your digital channels engaging your audience? Have you reached a creative plateau?

Work with Font & Swatch to reinvigorate your brand’s voice and create campaigns that drive customer engagement.

We will make your brand remarkable.

Your Market Is Evolving, It's Time Your Brand Evolved with it.

A brand refresh is more than cosmetic, it renews your brands’ energy, reengages your team and positions your business for future growth.

A brand refresh takes what works, improves what doesn’t and creates a brand that is agile, relevant and captivating.

Refreshing your brand shapes the strategic trajectory of your business.

How We Work

We embrace projects with an audience-centric approach at Font & Swatch. Why? Because all brands are designed to communicate and engage with an audience. By placing them at the centre of our process, we develop brands that establish an unmistakable connection with people.

Font & Swatch are a branding agency that believe in a flexible, rewarding and agile process, working collaboratively with clients towards their final design, so they feel aligned and proud of the brand creative we build.

This is your branding journey, and we’re here every step of the way.

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Font & Swatch are a Sydney Branding & Design Studio.

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At Font & Swatch we focus on Branding for:
  • Sport
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