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We believe every brand is unique

True engagement comes from brand differentiation.

Font & Swatch are experts in Brand Design services. We work with clients to connect your products and services with your target audience.

Every customer touchpoint with your brand should communicate your personality and values to evoke the desired emotional response. That’s why our creative brand design team works together with you to understand your brand’s unique attributes, strengths and challenges.

At Font & Swatch, we work with you to unlock your brand’s true potential and create brands that are bold, unique and trusted.

A Branding Agency that provides exceptional design services.

Font & Swatch specialise in providing exceptional branding services to develop powerful brands.

With our expertise, we conjure up your brand’s true potential by creating a full suite of branding elements that are aligned with your business values, are instantly recognisable, engage audiences and differentiate your business.

Partnering with Font & Swatch ensures that your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace, makes an incredible impression on customers and drives business growth.

Brand Services

Marketing involves more than just a plan – just like branding requires more than just a logo.

Smart marketing involves building a foundational marketing strategy based on your business’ vision, objectives, purpose, customer persona, competitor profile and positioning profile.

However, it’s even more than this. Effective marketing strategies are rooted in human emotions and appreciating the triggers that people seek when making decisions.

At Font & Swatch, we collaborate with you to develop your holistic marketing strategy with all of these essential factors in mind. Our team of brand marketing experts work with you to build your strategy from the ground up with genuine authenticity so you have the blueprint you need to stand proudly in your industry

At Font & Swatch, we will reinvigorate your brand to make it powerful and valuable. We will create an identity that is unique, engaging and trusted.

With the powerful application of colours and fonts, create a brand that represents the entire visual manifestation of your business. Through customer, stakeholder and supplier research, we determine your brand’s full-spectrum identity and positioning. Next, we draw deeply from your company values, corporate vision, mission and goals.

These steps allow us to uncover the very essence of your brand, forming a clear pathway to develop your authentic visual identity, graphic execution and personality-driven colour palette. This brand creation service forms the ‘glue’ between your product or service, your business and your customers.

Unlock the true power of your brand with our Branding Services:

  • Brand Names
  • Brand Visualisation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines & Style Guides
  • Tone of Voice
  • Art Packs

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Like people, all brands have an identity. These brand identities should be distinct and exciting to make them interesting and unique, yet also consistent and clear, to make them memorable and impressive.

That’s how we, at Font & Swatch, approach brand identity development. Identity is the visual representation of your brand and its values. It determines how you are perceived by your customers.

Your brand identity takes all the core components of your brand, such as logo, colours, fonts, elements and imagery, and combines them to give your business a unique visual expression. It also shows you how to apply all aspects of your brand simultaneously to develop a consistent, connected identity.

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Bring new life to your brand in a refreshing way with a themed marketing campaign concept that will re-engage your audience. Our Seasonal Advertising Campaign creation is the development of a branded concept to use across your marketing around a theme, date, event or time frame. We bring your campaign’s message to life through carefully crafted visual design and words that reflect your brand. Learn more

Font and Swatch bring a unique perspective to the delivery of your Visual Communication messaging. 

Whether you require assistance to develop or refine a marketing message, ensure brand governance or to design the visual content, Font and Swatch are your Design Agency.

Client Testimonial

We have been working with the team at Font & Swatch since 2010. 

Font & Swatch have assisted us creating numerous designs for marketing collateral, invitations, evites and promotions for our Event and Marketing business. Elissa and Grant are wonderful at offering options for paper stocks, materials, packaging, ribbons stickers actually everything we dream up. They are always efficient with communications, quotes and samples and we love the care they bring into every project. Recently we have started a new business where Font & Swatch have been by our side the whole way ensuring all design and printed elements works seamlessly. We are so happy to offer this testimonial supporting the great business that is Font & Swatch.

Eddie Yacoubian
Founder and Creative Director
Oscar Amherst

Visual Communications

Font & Swatch is a full-service Digital Design and Website Development Agency based in Sydney. We create compelling graphics, branding elements and designs that drive customer engagement, establish a tone and leave a lasting impression:

• Website Design & Development
• Digital & Social Media Advertising
• Digital Animation
• EDM’s & Email Design
• Media Messaging & Copy Writing

Companies work with Font and Swatch to execute successful visual communication campaigns, achieve marketing project success and successfully grow their business. We assist companies to distil their advertising and marketing messages and develop creative campaigns that engage and connect with audiences:
  • Printed Collateral
  • Advertising
  • Image Library Management
  • Infographics
  • Pitches, Proposals & Tenders

Client Testimonial

TLA Merchandise has been working with the Font and Swatch team since 2012 and in that time they have created their own mark on our sporting trading card products. Each year we work together to come up with market leading creative and innovative products that see our product ranges go from strength to strength. They also work across other areas of our business and have no hesitation in helping us out with whatever it is we need done!

The team at Font and Swatch are extremely passionate, efficient and have excellent attention to detail they care about the end product and it shows in their work ethos. I would highly recommend working with Font and Swatch for all your creative needs! 

Jacqui Ellery
General Manager
Collectables / Retail Promotions
TLA Merchandise


Product Design

Is your packaging design letting you down? Great packaging design is dependent on the expert use of colours and fonts to capture the moment with the consumer and draw their attention – you should be able to feel it, taste it and smell it. Your packaging must tell your brand story immediately, conveying your product value, and creating an emotional connection between customer and product.

Font & Swatch assist clients to design and source promotional products and merchandise that are on brand, cost-effective and relevant.

Contact Font & Swatch if you would like to provide engaging merchandise that sets your business apart from the more common merchandise or promotional products that are seen everywhered.

Font & Swatch have worked with every major sporting code in Australia. We are experts in designing teamwear, supporter wear, merchandise and product to ensure your brands are properly presented, materials and fabrics are correctly colour matched and uniforms are fitted to the requirements of your high-performance athletes.

A well designed and sourced staff uniform can reflect the strengths and quality of your brand, especially as branded gear allows them to be a walking billboard! We design staff uniforms, workwear and corporate essentials and even tech start-up tee shirts

Our Clients

A-League DMC Sport Lumsden Agency Sport NSW
AFL Elite Physiotherapy Lynton Electrical Sports Stadium Physiotherapy
All Blacks Era Surf Life Saving Club Mark Makers SRS Broking
Andiamo Estee Lauder Melotti Media Stop Standing Still
Audi Australia ESY Lawyers Motum Brands Surf Life Saving Australia
Australian Open Eventing Edge Nespresso Surf Life Saving Sydney
Australian Museum FAL Group Netball Australia Tennis Australia
Bembi Football Federation Australia Netball NSW The Hills Sports High School
Beresfords Fourth Wall Netball World Cup 2015 The Rice Pantry
BNI CBD Shine Fullerton Health Noegenesis The Sebel
Bronte Surf Life Saving Club George Fetting Photography NRL Therapies for Kids
Capstone Consulting Google Partners Orion TLA
Central Coast Council Great Big Events Oscar Amherst Tom Ford
Cerrone Guerlain Petrol Records Tyson Beck
Chatsone Hamilton Island PGA Australia Uniting Mission & Education
Classic Sport Heinemann Piper Heidsieck Urban Winery
Clinique Hypotheque Porters House Velocity Brand Management
Commonwealth Bank Incorporate Design Praden W-League
Cor Cordis Integrated Group Services Progressive Risk Management Wallabies
Cricket Australia Invictus Games Reeve Law Water 3
Cricket NSW INXS Robert Oatley Wines Wild Oats
Cricket Tasmania Jo Malone Rugby Australia Willie the Boatman
Cricket World Cup 2015 Kesar Group Russel Lea Womens SC YouTube
David Jones La Mer SEL
All Blacks
Audi Australia
Australian Open
Australian Museum
Bronte Surf Life Saving Club
Capstone Consulting
Central Coast Council
Classic Sport
Commonwealth Bank
Cor Cordis
Cricket Australia
Cricket NSW
Cricket Tasmania
Cricket World Cup 2015
David Jones
DMC Sport
Elite Physiotherapy
Era Surf Life Saving Club
Estee Lauder
ESY Lawyers
Eventing Edge
FAL Group
Football Federation Australia
Fourth Wall
Fullerton Health
George Fetting Photography
Google Partners
Great Big Events
Hamilton Island
Incorporate Design
Integrated Group Services
Invictus Games
Jo Malone
Kesar Group
La Mer
Lumsden Agency
Lynton Electrical
Mark Makers
Melotti Media
Motum Brands
Netball Australia
Netball NSW
Netball World Cup 2015
Oscar Amherst
Petrol Records
PGA Australia
Piper Heidsieck
Porters House
Progressive Risk Management
Reeve Law
Robert Oatley Wines
Rugby Australia
Russel Lea Womens SC
Sport NSW
Sports Stadium Physiotherapy
SRS Broking
Stop Standing Still
Surf Life Saving Australia
Surf Life Saving Sydney
Tennis Australia
The Hills Sports High School
The Rice Pantry
The Sebel
Therapies for Kids
Tom Ford
Tyson Beck
Uniting Mission & Education
Urban Winery
Velocity Brand Management
Water 3
Wild Oats
Willie the Boatman

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