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Celestial Yellow, trending colour of 2024/25 exudes a captivating radiance that draws the eye and sparks curiosity.

In a world where consumers are inundated with choices, Celestial Yellow offers brands a unique opportunity to captivate and inspire, it can evoke emotions of calm and new beginnings that are both restorative and comforting. It projects positivity, energy and lightness of being

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Abril Fatface font, embrace the elegance of Abril Fatface' thin serifs and clean thick curves

Discover the timeless allure of Abril Fatface – a font rooted in 19th-century elegance with a modern twist. Uncover its historical significance, ideal brand matches, and how it transforms logos and marketing materials. Elevate your brand presence with the sophistication of Abril Fatface in our latest exploration of design and visual storytelling

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What companies have forgotten about Brand Guidelines

Discover the value of Brand Guidelines for brand clarity and consistency. Branding Experts Font and Swatch can help you with a Brand Guideline Document

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Your Brand Is A Living Entity

A brand refresh is a lot more than a simple makeover, it’s a strategic evolution.

Your brand should be looked at as a dynamic entity, not a static one.

Just as the times and the business landscape around you change, so too should your brand.

This is what a brand refresh achieves. It’s an opportunity to realign your brand’s identity with your business’s current goals, values, and market position.

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Neon Flare: A Radiant Burst of Collective Urgency

Dive into the future of design with our latest blog on Neon Flare – Pantone Colour 014-68-51! Uncover the secrets behind this transient neon, as we explore its kinetic energy and synthetic charm. Join us at Font & Swatch as we decode the emotion and purpose behind this trending colour. Ready to ignite your brand’s identity?

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Strengthen your business marketing now for the festive season

To truly make the most of the critical December, January, and February period, businesses need to get their marketing strategies in place well in advance.

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Pacifico Font is a free Google and Adobe typeface that effortlessly combines casual charm, carefree spirit, and a dash of surfing nostalgia.

Conceived by Vernon Adams in 2011 and later expanded in 2017, Pacifico Font takes us on a journey back to the sun-soaked beaches and free-spirited vibe of 1950s American surf culture. Its handcrafted brush script design mirrors the casualness, carefreeness, and playful atmosphere of that era.

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Every Business needs a Brand Purpose to establish a unique identity

Brand purpose refers to your business’ reason for being. Discover how it can help you establish a unique identity and emotional connection with your customers.

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Retro Blue, an offbeat, analogue colour with a warm and sentimental quality

Retro Blue evokes memories of a bygone era, when life seemed simpler, and joy was found in the most unexpected places

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A Marketing Plan keeps your brand in front of your audience

A marketing plan removes all guesswork in your marketing. Discover how it can help you achieve business goals, stand out amongst the competition and achieve success.

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Vollkorn Font, quiet, modest and elegant

Vollkorn Font was born from a desire to find a font that beautifully balances modernity and tradition. It’s a quiet, modest, yet highly functional body copy typeface that effortlessly transitions into headlines or titles, capturing the essence of tradition while embracing contemporary aesthetics

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It always pays to evaluate whether a brand refresh could enhance business success. Here’s an actionable checklist to determine if your brand now is sufficient.

It’s integral that businesses remain proactive when evaluating their brand. If not, they run the risk of a dwindling customer base and decreasing consumer engagement over time.

It always pays to check in and evaluate whether a brand refresh could enhance your business’ success

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Future Dusk, WGSN & Coloro trending colour of 2025

Step into the enchanting realm of Future Dusk, WGSN Colour of the Year 2025. This alluring hue, nestled between blue and purple, effortlessly captures the essence of mystery, escapism, and transformative journeys.

Future Dusk (Coloro 129-35-18) possesses an irresistible charm that beckons us into a world of intrigue and discovery

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Make Your Brand Stand Out - when the economy faces periodic downturns, it often feels like an implosion - customer spending shrinks and uncertainty clouds the horizon. Your brand needs stand out and use this time to become so compelling that customers can’t ignore it

Challenging times and economic downturns are an inevitable part of the ever-changing business cycle, but what can you do to ensure your brand rises above the crowd?

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