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Helvetica Font

Helvetica Font, the Superpower of the Font World

Sensible and grounded is probably the most apt description of Helvetica font.

Originally designed in the 1950’s by Max Miedinger, Helvetica font (Latin for ‘Switzerland’) has become a superpower of typefaces and is the font for global brands such as Panasonic, Motorola, Nestlé, BMW, The North Face, Microsoft, Jeep, 3M and Oral B.

Helvetica Font is now so entrenched in the font universe that it even has its own self-titled feature film about the history of Helvetica. It is enduringly reliable and appears incapable of offending any reader. The only drawback of Helvetica Font is well, Helvetica Font. It is so popular that it is everywhere, so it’s very difficult to be unique if you look the same as your competition. If you are absolutely set on Helvetica Font for your brand but you want to freshen things up, why not consider Helvetica Now.

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