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Lato Font a Google Font Superpower

Lato Font, it’s Polish for Summer

Meet Lato Font (“Lato” means Summer in Polish), a sans serif humanist Google font designed in Warsaw by Lukasz Dziedzic in 2010. Originally the Lato Font family was conceived as a set of corporate fonts for a Polish bank, however the client chose not to take up the design and the Lato Font family was released publicly with the support of Google.

Dziedzic was quite ingenious when he created the Lato Font.  He used classical proportions to give the letterforms familiar harmony and elegance whilst at the same time giving the Lato Font a sleek sans serif look common in font designs of the era. 

Described as serious but friendly with the feeling of warm professionalism, Lato Font’s semi-rounded details give it of warmth whilst its strong structure provides stability and seriousness – Professional, Transparent, Warm and Friendly but Serious. 

Lato Font comes in 18 styles and different weights and is now one of the most popular fonts on Google Font, ranking 3rd in Google’s most served fonts, reaching over 1 billion audiences per day. 

Lato Font is widely used on websites and in printed promotional content to deliver information directly to the reader in a warm and transparent manor; often paired as a body copy content font to an attention-grabbing headline font. 

We like Lato Font for its versatility and use in both digital and printed material; websites, branding, editorials, logos, print and posters etc.  Lato is a typeface that can be used almost anywhere creating a majestic yet fun look for an open and positive brand response.  Let’s face it, there is so much more engagement in the Lato Font that just isn’t present in font superpowers such as Arial and Helvetica.

If you love Lato Font as much as we do, you can easily download it here at the Lato Font website. Lato is also available on Adobe Fonts.

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