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Roboto Font

Roboto Font

Meet Roboto Font, a sans-serif neo-grotesque Google Font.

Similar in style to Helvetica, Univers, Myriad and DIN, Roboto Font is distinct enough to command its own space and unique enough not to be confused with some of the more over used fonts.

Roboto Font has a dual nature. It has a mechanical skeleton with geometric form and at the same time features friendly and open curves. This gives Robot Font a more natural reading rhythm. While some grotesk fonts distort the letter forms and force a rigid reading rhythm, Roboto with its geometric form doesn’t compromise, instead allowing the letters to settle into their natural width.

Stephen Coles called the initial release of Roboto font, the “Frankenfont” because of the similarity of some characters in Helvetica, Univers and Din among others. We like Roboto Font because it is so simple to use. It really is a font suited to almost any purpose. It is already one of the most popular fonts on Google. Good for brands that are Professional, Modern and Rational.

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