Astro Dust evokes the dusty desolate landscapes of Mars | Font & Swatch
Astro Dust Pantone 18-1540 evoking Marsian Landscapes

Astro Dust evokes the dusty desolate landscapes of Mars

Long Forecast Colour Trends – Pantone 18-1540 Astro Dust

A trending colour for 2023, Astro Dust will be the colour of the Billionaire’s space race. WSGN described it as “evoking the dusty and desolate landscapes of Mars… as commercialised space travel evolves and space tourism becomes a reality, colours of the universe will excite and inspire us”. Like a scene out of Total Recall or the Martian, Astro Dust is a mid tone red that promises to inspire our aspiration for space travel and invoke emotions of new discovery.

Gender-inclusive, Astro Dust is a cerebral colour that engages and leads you forward. Astro Dust will be bold on digital media and project authority and confidence in marketing collateral. Preferred as a background colour in your secondary colour palette, Astro Dust is perfectly suited to brands that are at the forefront of exploration.

Astro Dust, the 2023 colour that will boldly take you where no brand has gone before!

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