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Apricot Crush Pantone Colour 14 1050

Apricot Crush – a fruity injection of colour & joy!

Apricot Crush – both joyful and nourishing, it has been described by WGSN as a vitamin balancing hue that brings a fruity injection of energy and colour.  Apricot Crush has a softness but is a brighter and more invigorating step up from the mindful pastels of the last couple of years.

Our Sydney branding agency team view Apricot Crush as a playful sun-bleached shade, working well with neutral tones and on fragrances, beauty and bath & bedroom products.  Its gender-inclusiveness increases its application across a range of consumer products. For professional services branding, it will have appeal across health and wellbeing brands as well as acting as a go to support colour for secondary colour pallets; popping on deeper and darker shades.

From a creative design perspective, it is refreshing to see colours such as Apricot Crush take us back to pre-pandemic experiences and emotions, promoting greater energy and vibrancy. A clear shift away from the meditative and contemplative shades of 2020 and 2021.

Brands and Consumers alike will be attracted to Apricot Crush for its understated engagement. At the Font & Swatch Branding Agency, we definitely see Apricot Crush populating social media in the year to come as we transition away from COVID and we seek to capture attention without being viewed as noisy or loud.

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WGSN is the world’s leading consumer trend forecaster.  They provide global trend insights to understand consumer behaviour and lifestyles.  You can read more about WGSN’s 2024 colour forecast here.

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