Galactic Cobalt, a new hyper-bright shade of blue. | Font & Swatch
Galactic Cobalt Forecast Colour 2023

Galactic Cobalt, a new hyper-bright shade of blue.

Galactic Cobalt is a versatile and techy colour that makes it a natural choice for consumer tech and virtual experiences.

One of WGSN’s forecast colours of 2023, it is already making an impact. With its hyper-bright shade of blue and solid form, Galactic Cobalt joins Astro Dust in projecting the Space Age, new technologies and feelings of escapism and extended reality. Galactic Cobalt is a shade that is taking us away from the serene and tranquil calming shades of the pandemic and reawakening our experiences and emotional energy.

We like Galactic Cobalt for its spirited ambition, it reflects brands that are confident to venture down their own path, pioneering and unyielding, bringing the future to the present and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We would recommend using Galactic Cobalt on bold digital media campaigns specifically for brands that are disrupting their market with confident ambition.

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