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It always pays to evaluate whether a brand refresh could enhance business success. Here’s an actionable checklist to determine if your brand now is sufficient.

5-Step Brand Refresh Checklist. Can we get by with our existing brand?

The strength of your brand directly correlates with the strength of your business.

So, have you ever wondered if your existing brand is sufficient enough to sustain your business goals both now and long into the future?

It’s a question that frequently arises among businesses and corporations alike. While everyone acknowledges the significance of a strong brand, there comes a time when you must ask yourself: is it time to refresh our brand, do we need a Brand Refresh?

The following article will take you on an insightful journey, providing an actionable checklist to address this very question.

Your results at the end

You may find at the end of this checklist that your brand is already thriving and is more than sufficient in its current form – which is fantastic!

However, it always pays to check in and evaluate whether a brand refresh could enhance your business’ success as this will allow you to make informed decisions about your brand’s future.

The Brand Marketing Refresh Checklist

Step 1: Are your metrics showing success?

Data holds the key to understanding the effectiveness of your branding. So, dive deep into the numbers and let them tell the story – it’s a great way to set the scene for a potential brand refresh.

Examine things like customer engagement, conversion rates, and even brand perception to gain insights into how your brand marketing is being received. You may find that certain elements are failing to make an impact. Perhaps your brand appears strong but is not translating into desired outcomes.

By analysing your data, you can uncover valuable insights to help identify areas where changes to your branding might be beneficial and whether a brand refresh is required.

Step 2: Are all layers of your brand consistent and effective?

Before embarking on a complete brand overhaul, consider updating specific layers of your brand marketing while keeping the core brand identity intact.

Ask yourself: is the entire brand identity failing to inspire action amongst your ideal audience or is it just specific funnels or platforms that are underperforming?

Evaluate how much depth your existing brand possesses and if it would be more effective to simply refresh smaller elements.

It could be as simple as:

  • refining the logo
  • updating colour palettes
  • modernising your fonts
  • personalising your images
  • updating your corporate core messaging

By focusing more on specific aspects of your brand refresh, you can achieve a fresh look and feel without losing the established brand equity you have built over time.

Step 3: Does your corporate collateral effectively support your sales, your teams and your customers?

Your corporate collateral, like brochures, booklets and presentations, are all highly visible and accessible. This is why they are a telling indicator as to whether or not your current brand marketing is sufficient.

If you or your own team are bored by the materials showcasing your brand, your customers and other businesses you interact with likely feel the same.

That’s why corporate collateral serves as a good starting point to consider whether it’s time to retire the same tired visuals and reinvent your brand marketing to generate renewed interest and excitement via a brand refresh.

Remember though: if you are proud of your brand marketing and corporate collateral as it currently stands, then there may not be a need to change – for now.

Step 4: Do your brand’s visuals align with your brand’s communication style?

When only refreshing specific layers of your brand marketing, it’s essential to ensure that your language, tone of voice, and messaging align with the rest of your brand identity, such as colours, appearance, fonts and more.

Parts of your brand that don’t resonate with your overall brand identity can dilute the impact of an otherwise strong brand.

Take the time to update and refine your language to create a consistent and compelling brand voice. We often notice that all of the visual elements of a brand are aligned (for instance, the colours, logos and fonts), however, they are out of sync with written messaging.

When necessary, updating your messaging is more efficient than an entire brand marketing overhaul and it will also enhance the overall brand experience to ensure that every customer interaction showcases your core brand identity.

Step 5: Does your branding support your future vision?

A brand should not only reflect the present state of a business but also align with its future vision. So, while your branding may be sufficient today, consider your long-term business goals and evaluate whether your current branding will support them.

A future-focused brand has the power to resonate with your target audience over time and propel your business forward – that’s why it’s best to take a proactive approach.

The ideal state is to have a strong core brand identity that both matches your current position, yet is fluid enough to grow to new heights with your business.

How did you score on the brand refresh checklist?

Did you pass with flying colours? Or does your brand need some work?


  • If you’re happy with all five above, then your current brand will get you by.
  • However, if a few items had you feeling unsure or worried, a brand refresh may be a smart move.

To learn more or if you’re unsure about how you scored, then reach out to our team at Font & Swatch, and we can run you through an initial, in-depth assessment that identifies whether or not your current brand marketing is sufficient to meet your business goals.

We create powerful and valuable brands that are unique, engaging and trusted. With a suite of branding services, we can refresh and reinvigorate your brand marketing to better resonate with your ideal customer now and into the future.

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