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Every Business needs a Brand Purpose to establish a unique identity

The Power Of Brand Purpose – Are You Giving Your Clients Enough To Cling To?

Have you ever taken a moment to consider what your brand actually represents?

Have you delved into the reasons why your brand exists and what connects it to your target audience on a deeper level?

This is what brand purpose is all about.

Brand purpose serves as a guiding force that helps your business establish its unique identity and meaning in the market.

Whether rooted in your rich history, core values or distinctive value proposition, your brand purpose has the potential to set you apart from competitors and resonate with your customers.

In this article, our Font and Swatch team will share the importance of brand purpose in creating a meaningful impact on clients, fostering loyalty and driving more sustainable success for the business.

Brand purpose bridges the gap between what your target audience holds dear and what you do best.
Customers today are incredibly discerning, placing a huge importance on authenticity and consistency when choosing brands to work with

What is a brand purpose and why does your business need it?

Your brand purpose defines your why as a business, encompassing your brand’s reason for being and everything you stand up for as an organisation.

Brand purpose bridges the gap between what your target audience holds dear and what you do best in your niche.

It goes beyond marketing slogans and should be evident in how your brand operates and engages.
With a brand purpose, you can clearly communicate:

  • Who your products and services are for, and
  • How your brand adds value to their lives.

3 ways brand purpose can benefit your business

1. A strong brand purpose enables you to differentiate your business

Brand purpose showcases the unique aspects of your brand, making it easy for customers to recognise you in a highly competitive market.

2. A compelling brand purpose enhances your business reputation.

When you consistently deliver on your purpose and genuinely impact society with what you represent and do as a business, you will be able to earn the trust and respect of customers, stakeholders and the general public.

3. With a brand purpose, you can generate a loyal following.

By clearly communicating your brand’s personality and values, you can attract and retain customers who share similar beliefs.

Good examples of businesses with a strong brand purpose

First, we have IKEA.

Despite their global presence, IKEA ensures their Scandinavian heritage is always well-represented in the furniture and home goods they offer.

Embracing the essence of Scandinavian design philosophy, IKEA’s brand and products exude a perfect blend of minimalism, simplicity, functionality and quality. They also use quirky product names which are rooted in their Scandinavian origin.

Furthermore, IKEA’s distinctive blue and yellow branding remains consistent across all touch points, from in-store displays to advertising. This not only reinforces the brand’s smart yet friendly personality but also ensures a memorable and recognisable experience for customers worldwide.

Another is Woolworths.

As a major Australian supermarket chain, the Woolworths brand purpose revolves around providing high-quality and fresh products that are directly sourced from Australian farmers and producers.

This brand purpose resonates with their target customers who value sustainability and want to buy local.

To embody their brand promise in every detail, Woolworths ensures every touchpoint displays a sense of freshness and vitality – from the instantly recognisable green apple logo, farm to store advertising and informative signage all the way to their captivating store designs.

Your Brand Purpose Should Give Your Customers Enough To Cling To

Remember: your brand purpose should give your customers enough to cling to.

In today’s competitive world, customers are after more than just the functional benefits from the brands they choose. They now want to connect with brands on an emotional level too.

This is where brand purpose comes into play.

By having a strong brand purpose, you’ll be able to:

  1. Effectively communicate your unique attributes, strengths and values in a way that’s relevant to your target audience

  2. Shape every aspect of your business’ identity and actions, ensuring a consistent and compelling experience that enables you to forge an emotional bond with clients

At Font & Swatch, we specialise in helping businesses like yours achieve these goals.

We create a full suite of branding elements that are aligned with your brand purpose, ensuring you remain instantly recognisable, engaging and trusted in the eyes of your ideal customers.

From overall marketing strategy and messaging to powerful application of colours, fonts and designs, we make sure every customer touchpoint with your business reflects your brand’s personality and values, as well as evokes desired emotional response.

Not sure whether your current brand is fit for purpose, you might like to read our recent article; 5 Step Brand Refresh Checklist on whether you can get by with your existing brand.

Do you want to develop (or strengthen) your brand purpose?

Here are a few tips that can help:

Or better yet – consult with brand experts like our dedicated team at Font & Swatch who can help uncover your business’ true essence and seamlessly embed it into every aspect of your brand.

As your Branding Specialists, we ensure your Brand Purpose shines through in all your business’ marketing and communications so that you can leave a lasting impact and create an emotional connection with customers.

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